Imunno Kids

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Immuno Kids is based on all-natural extracts and vitamins. No preservatives added. Protect your kid from colds and flus.

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Immuno Kids protects children and adolescents from flus and colds thanks to its powerful stimulating effect.

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The Mursala tea is known for its strong immune stimulating properties. Many believe it has a positive effect on upper respiratory tract irritation. Through our innovative extraction technology, we are able to harness the most beneficial polyphenols, flavonoids, vitamins, amino acids, flavorings, mineral salts and trace elements in the herb.

Another extremely important ingredient in the Immuno Kids extract of Black Cumin. Its beneficial effect on human health is due to its active ingredients (thymocinone, carvacrol, thymol, cymene, T-anethole and 4-terpineol). The aforementioned bioactive components, together with some other ingredients, possess remarkable antioxidant activity.

GreeeNutrition specialists have worked together with the world's largest vitamin-producing company to create a unique blend of vitamins and trace elements that aims to strengthen the immune system in line with the individual needs of the child's organism.

  • Natural immunity
  • Increase in the organism's resistive powers
  • Cleansing the organism toxins
  • Good vision and concentration

– Suitable for children under 4-year old, take 10ml. daily
– Children under 7 and adolescents – 15 ml. daily
Do not exceed the recommended dose!

How to use

– 10 ml. daily before meals
– Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!
– For better effect, we recommend long-term use of GreeNutrition's Immuno Kids
– The extract can be taken all-year long without interruption


– Sugar, water;
– Black cumin seed extract, Mursala tea extract;
– Vitamins: ascorbic acid (vitamin C), DL-alpha tocopheril acetate (vitamin E), zinc oxide, retinyl palmitate (vitamin A), cholecalciferol (vitamin D), Pyridoxine (vitamin B6);
– Acidity regulator: citric acid;
- Flavor – natural aroma compounds

Ingredients for 10ml
Black Cumin Extract Mursala Tea Toumerick Vitamin A Vitamin B6 Vitamin C Витамин D Vitamin E Zinc
150 mg 50 mg 0.7 mg 110 ϻg 0.7 mg 30 mg 2.5 ϻg 2 mg 2 mg
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