We are company driven by innovation. Creative thinking is deeply embedded in our market approach and substantial amount of our resources are allocated for research and development. We spot the emerging trends in advance and transform them into innovative beverage and food concepts. The solutions we provide are inspired by our constant desire to improve the life of people by making it healthier and tastier. During the years we have developed cutting edge products, based on fruits, herbs and other natural ingredients with proven positive effect on human nutrition. We are proud to be the company that has introduced some of the most significant recent innovations in the dietary supplements production. This is a clear sign that by putting our best employees together with last generation technology, we can create the impossible.

Social Responsibility

We realize that our engagement in food, health and nutrition is of central importance to our community. For us, good social responsibility is a balance between economic results and the creation of added value as part of our surge for continuous improvement. For that purpose we are engaged in social support activities and by acknowledging that we have significant moral responsibility we aim to:
  • Offer healthy products in order to ensure better quality of life;
  • Optimize our production and use less resources;
  • Increase employment and provide conducive work environment;
  • Work in harmony with the environment;

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"To follow our strong tradition in creating innovative dietary supplements with benefit to healthier nutrition."

GreeNutrition Ltd. has a clear vision for the future. We strive for continuous quality improvement in a way that combines nature, technology and business. Our intentions are supported by an ambitious investment program.


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* Можете да завъртите колелото на късмета само веднъж * Промо кодовете не могат да бъдат използвани за следните продуктите на сайта на GreeNutrition LTD, които са част от други промоции (2 броя Мурсалски чай за 21.90лв., 2 броя черен кимион за 29.90лв., 3 за 2 броя черен кимион, 3 за 2 броя Мурсалски чай) * Само един безплатен slim kit за един потребител е разрешен* Ако спечелите, имате ограничено време да се възползвате от наградата* С участие в тази промоция се съгласявате да получавате информация като здравословни съвети, най-добрите намаления, промоции и др. от GreeNutrition LTD * GreeNutrition LTD си запазва правото да отмени тази промоция и свързаните с нея промо кодове по всяко време без предизвестие
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